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The team-driven employee is primarily motivated by contributing to team effort and fitting in with a group. Read on to discover ways to motivate the team-driven employee in your business.
Motivating employees requires understanding the five different types of motivation and designing your company culture to incorporate all five types. Most employees respond best to a mix of motivation types, an important consideration when starting a business or adding employees to an existing business.
The challenge-driven employee is primarily internally motivated by challenging themselves to meet deadlines, go faster, and perform better. They are also motivated by improving their skills. Read on to discover ways to motivate the challenge-driven employee in your business.
The purpose-driven employee is primarily motivated by contributing to a greater good -- whether through their job or their outside activities. Read on to discover ways to motivate the purpose-driven employee in your business.
The reputation-driven employee is primarily motivated by attention and accolades from superiors, co-workers, and customers. Read on to discover ways to motivate the reputation-driven employee in your business.
Public Relations (PR) is an often overlooked method of marketing your business startup. However, by planning a public relations effort, building relationships with the right media outlets, and submitting well-written news items on a regular basis, your business startup will definitely reap rewards from this inexpensive marketing avenue.
With so many options available for how you set up your business, it is critical to consider which alternative best fits both your personality and your business idea. Selecting a business model that doesn't fit your personality is set up for failure because you will lose your motivation and desire to keep pushing through.
Does your business need a website? YES! At this point in time, every business should have a website. Regardless of the business model or type of company you plan to start, posting a website for your startup is a virtual requirement.
Your public relations activities will eventually result in a requested press interview. To get the most of this opportunity you worked so hard to earn, you must be prepared to give an effective interview. Doing your homework will result in a great interview, and hopefully, a great article!
Choosing the right name for your business won't guarantee success, but choosing the wrong name can spell doom (or at least big trouble) for your business startup. There are a number of factors to consider when naming your business.