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Mario Luis Tavares Ferreira is a seasoned manager with 20+ years experience in business development. Co-founded two high tech start-ups. International negotiator with multi-lingual skills and multi-cultural experience in half dozen countries. He has IS Management graduation and a MBA in Strategic Enterprise Management, besides post-grad. extension in Negotiations, Strategy and People Management. Developing a Global Entrepreneurial Network for SMBs (SMEs).  

It is important to be aware of cultural differences and use them to leverage business results
The effects of the failure can be observed, for example, on organization, processes, product or service, finances, marketing and sales. The causes can be related, for example, with strategic planning, implementation, management, control, human resources, absence of competitive intelligence and external factors like market dynamics or government regulations.
How to manage foreign branches and when would your Leadership presence be necessary? It is not an easy answer. Besides management skills you need to understand different cultures and habits.
We need to have a clear concept of what it is Ethics and the difference between the actions and processes of business development related with cultural aspects and Ethics.
Each negotiation has its particularities, people and interests evolved can be different, context can be different or even the place in space and time can be different, which makes, each negotiation, a unique event. But, at the same time, we have some basic elements that don’t change. This article has the focus on the Harvard Method and the basic elements.
I was reading some posts and news about the current crisis and diverse opinions about possible turnarounds, about the consequences in developing countries, some trends and forecasts, different perspectives and evaluations and the usually wizards’ visions of future, some with the Armageddon perspective and others with an optimistic vision of short-time crisis. What make me develop this article was to contradict the people that suggest the worst scenario for our future.
I was reading a polemic if entrepreneurs should, or not, get a MBA and I would like to expose my idea about the matter.
It seems that the Republicans are trying to test the Chaos Theory. The greatest evangelists of open markets are now trying to change the rules, again.
A common sentence that we hear often is that leadership is given not taken, is it truth? Another common sentence is that you born a leader, that it is a natural gift. In some aspects it is. But, there are some attitudes that can be taken to change that perception.
Since the end of last century we are seeing global changes never seen in recent or old history. The iron wall collapsing and the Soviet Union breaking in pieces are unique events in history because never a large empire disappeared so smoothly. Coupled with what we saw in China, moving from communism to capitalism. Never thought!