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People who are serious about reducing risk of heart attacks and strokes need to live a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy diet, getting rid of tobacco, and engaging in proper physical activities.
Each year the world observes Dec 1 as the World AIDS Day. The first tribute happened in Dec 1, 1998 thru the efforts of Dr. Jonathan Mann’s group and is now considered as the longest-running disease awareness and prevention initiative of its kind in the history of public health. It is dedicated solely to raising the awareness of the world to the AIDS pandemic which is caused by the HIV infection.
Overexposure can lead to substantial skin damage, which can ultimately lead to deadly skin cancer. It seems the dangers are simply being ignored though, as people around the world become more hooked to activities wherein they have to be exposed to the sun. What about you? How should you respond?
Deciding what medical care to undertake has recently been a big issue. Questions whether it is the right of the patient to decide or the court's to require came out. It is but necessary to discuss this issue. One concern or situation may not be enough to determine which is which, but it definitely will open minds.