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TRCB - Member Profile - Melissa Martin

A leader in career coaching/career counseling,Melissa Martin is a certified solution-focused Career Specialist and job search expert on www.military2civiilanemployment.com    Melissa was rated among the top 100 excellent, inspiring career coaches on www.onlinedegree.net in 2011.

With a stellar reputation on and off line, Melissa serves as an approved job search expert on www.careerealism.com and on www.secretsofthejobhunt.com


In the past three and a half years, Melissa has specialized in mental health and recently became an approved expert on www.self-growth.com

Melissa offers strategic, bilingual job/career and interview coaching for military members transitioning into the civilian workforce. Specialist in social media job search campaigns. She has empowered and motivated clients from the military, police, education, nursing, health, sales and retail fields.

Coaching is delivered by phone and SKYPE.


Bachelor of Arts Degree: (Honours): Queen's University 

Bachelor of Education Degree: English/French, University of New Brunswick

Certification, interviewing and counselling, Department of Social Work, University of Toronto

Certification, teaching English as a foreign language, TEFL, University of Ottawa


Melissa was interviewed by Australian career coaches Keith Keller and Annemarie Cross on careersuccessradio.com   On the program, Melissa discussed how she made a quantum leap career  transition from radio broadcaster to career specialist.  

For ten years, Melissa enjoyed a successful radio broadcasting career in the U.S. and Canada.

 In 2009, she published her first ebook, How to use social media for your job search

Melissa's favourite social network is Twitter.


Recently, I received a webinar description about "fresh stategies to increase cold calling success." The author, Jill Konrath, has written a book called Snap Selling. The strategies definitely apply to a creative and successful job search.
Quite often, career professionals like myself deal with the "employability factor" to help you get hired, but sometimes dismiss an issue that can make or break a prolonged period of unemployment, battered self-esteem.
Twenty-five centuries ago, Ancient Greek Hippocrates identified four personality types. These personalities can help you to make effective career decisions.
Intuition, highly prized in Eastern cultures, is often undermined in Western culture by "rational, logical" decision making methodologies. Intuition, by contrast, can serve as one of the most accurate decision making tools in choosing a career or job.
The University of Chicago recently published a survey of the happiest and unhappiest jobs.
Layoffs hit our psychological jugular
CBC radio broadcast a segment this morning on harassment and bullying in the workplace.
If you have ever felt those demonic thoughts that swirl in our inner sanctum and resist giving way to the one thing that humans patently avoid.....changing their comfort zone? That is your risk zone.
5 ways people are getting raises and promotions in a tight economy. A breakfast TV show recently broadcast a segment with American career expert Joe Takash of Victory consulting.