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Co-Author and Artist of "Naturally GoodCooking" Cook Book.

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Graduated at St Martin's University with a certificate in traditional character animation.

Has a passion for art and enjoys illustration, having studied graphic design for several years.

Co-Author and Artist of "Naturally GoodCooking" Cook Book.

Fluent in both english and spanigh language.

Trained as a qualified healthcare advisor, likes being able to help people giving advise and information on minor ailments.

Hoping to obtain some training in teaching to expand her knowledge.

Mewi’s sausage sandwich is a wonderful party food, snack, meal, or appetizer depending on how its prepared. This recipe is a very quick and easy solution for almost any food type occasion.
Mewi's Tomato Sauce is a basic tomato based sauce and extremely simple to make. The consumption of tomatoes are believed to benefit the heart among other things and contains one of the most powerful natural antioxidants.
Mewi's pancake recipe is a great dish that you can use to celebrate "Pancake Day" every year.
Salads are popular all around the world and Mewi’s Pasta Salad isn’t any different. Mewi’s Pasta Salad has and abundance of wonderful ingredients, particularly vegetables, combined with shrimp and seafood sticks to produce delicious results.
Mewi’s Stuffed Squid is another Greek delicacy that you are very likely to enjoy, specially if you love seafood. This tasty squid recipe can be quite unbearably irresistible in terms of flavour and texture combined with aromatic herbs, and will leave you wanting more.
If you are the kind of person with a rather sweet tooth who loves to have pudding with your meals, you will love Mewi’s Lemon-flavoured Almond Florentine.
A spermicide is an easy to use method of contraception which can be highly effective (with a rate of 94% effectiveness), safe to use and it also provides lubrication during intercourse. The active ingredient for spermicides is Nonoxynol-9 (N-9). This method of birth control is non-hormonal and well suited for women who are unable to use hormonal products because of the risk of their dangerous side effects.
Mewi’s potatoes with ribs is a great recipe if you are the type of person that really enjoys eating meat, specially pork.
If you are a pasta lover, you will really enjoy Mewi’s Bolognese. It is a simple dish to cook and if you are the type of person that really likes dishes with lots of tomatoes and meat, then this is definitely the recipe for you.
If you are into Spanish food, Mewi’s paella is certainly a delicious dish that you should try.