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Michael Trust, MPA, SPHR-CA, CCC, CECC, helps people find their passion and fulfill the dreams related to their careers. At the most fundamental level, Michael brings more than twenty years of human resources experience and extensive coaching experience to help individuals make career choices that are right for them.

A life-long California resident Michael Trust has significant coaching, mentoring, and staffing experience in a variety of industries. In addition to his 15 years as a career coach, Michael has 20 years in human resources, and six years of real estate experience during which he owned his own real estate brokerage firm. In his career thus far, he has informally and formally coached more than 250 people, has reviewed some 300,000 resumes, and interviewed more than 10,000 people.

His knowledge is valued as an expert witness in cases before the Los Angeles Superior
Court. Michael is a Certified Career Coach, a Certified Executive Career Coach, and an active member of several coaching and human resources management professional organizations. 

Michael Trust points out that coaching is not consulting. His role is to facilitate clients in making changes based on discussions and their coaching program. Michael is empathetic, as all good coaches are, but holds clients accountable for their own self-development during the coaching process, and works best with people who are honestly motivated to make needed changes. He knows change is difficult, and he empowers his clients to take the steps that will lead them to their own personal goals.

Asked to sum up what he likes best about coaching, Michael Trust said, "The greatest joy I get in my professional life is seeing the proverbial 'light bulb' go on when I'm working with a client. That keeps me motivated." His clients agree; Michael Trust is an effective, highly motivating coach who offers empowering strategies based on real world experience. He inspires them to make challenging choices, and is dedicated to his clients' success.

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All of us have to network for most things in life. It’s how most business gets done. Many of us are very shy, introverted people who have a fear of networking – in person, by email, by phone, or in groups.
Over the last several years, we have seen a dramatic shift in the concept of a “career” as more and more people have been downsized, right sized, outsourced, and the like.
Are you unemployed, unhappily employed, or underemployed? If you are, this is the time to get your job search in gear. Below are some tips to help you get started:
Remember the adage about having an “elevator speech” or an “elevator pitch”? Same concept here.
Let’s assume for the purposes of this article that you have the requisite background for the position for which you are applying, have outstanding references, and otherwise on paper meet the requirements of the position. What other things must you have?
In today’s economy, with double digit inflation still the case in many states and the national average just under double digits (March 2010), many job seekers wonder what to do with their resume in terms of period of unemployment.
In any office environment, people have friends with whom they feel more than just a “work relationship”.
In today’s market, there are often very highly talented people vying for the same positions. If it comes down to two (or even three) finalists, the intangibles are likely to make or break the deal.
As regular readers know, I wrote a blog awhile back about common resume errors. Here are some more errors that you can add to your list when you proofread your resume. Remember – even with spell check, grammar check, and the like, there is never, ever any excuse for any mistake on your resume. There is simply no room for error on such an important document. With that said, here are some things to watch for (and things that you’ll have to find with a human eye):
Today’s more sophisticated email systems often look for certain characteristics in email text and in any email attachments. Unfortunately, things like words or graphics that may be perfectly appropriate in some cases can cause spam filters to stop your email, thus rendering your resume “never received”.