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Hemorrhoids - Doctors can suffer too

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I am doctor myself - but you know doctors suffers from problems too. Unfortunately until recently I got Hemorrhoids. Now I am out of it and want to share with everyone what I have gone through & what you can learn from me. I tell you get rid of this disease - its an ordeal.

Many hemorrhoid treatments are available for the piles- also known as hemorrhoids. The illness needs immediate caution before they get to a higher degree and become severe. People suffering from hemorrhoids often find solutions to how to treat hemorrhoids at home.
External hemorrhoids are one of the types of hemorrhoids. These are one of the kinds of hemorrhoids known as external hemorrhoids. The tissues bulge out of the anus.
Hemorrhoids are the swelling of veins and enlargement of blood vessels due to extra pressure applied on the veins of anorectal portion of the patient’s body. They are actually the swollen veins of the anus. They adversely affect the cushions which are a help in defecation. Prolonged sitting and standing is another reason of its occurrence.
It is a disease involving rectal veins becoming swollen and full of agony. The area under the influence of the disease is the rectum and anus. Sometimes they even cause rectal bleeding at the period of bowel movement. But some hemorrhoid symptoms in women have been seen during pregnancy too.