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Please visit this link for more information on Caffeine Headaches: Caffeine Headaches and this link for information on the Causes of Headaches: Causes of Headaches.

B12 deficiency creating symptoms of anemia, a shortage of vitamin B12 can also interfere with the nerves, and so disturb the senses of touch and pain. In adults, blood cells are produced by red bone marrow, which is found inside the centre of the hips, ribs, breastbone and backbone, plus the ends of long bones such as the thigh.
Bee stings are be extremely painful and in a few instances, even deadly. Bees inject venom from a stinger under the skin of the person they sting. Unlike wasps that have stingers that retract after stinging, bees have barbed stingers that remain in the skin.
An excessive consumption of liquor content results in the increase in someone’s blood alcohol level. For most persons who attend parties liquor is thought to be a needed element for having a good time. Blood alcohol content is a measurement used to detect how much liquor content is in someone’s blood stream. It is measured in percentages starting from 0.01 up to 0.40 or greater.
Mucus is a clear, jelly-like substance usually of a whitish or yellowish colour. It generally shows that it has trapped air inside it.
When you have consumed more liquor than your system is capable to manage. This can cause to you going through a hangover. Avoiding consuming an excessive amount of alcohol is the best treatment for hangovers.
Heart Disease describes any disease that is detrimental to the function of the heart. The heart is a major organ made up of primarily muscle and blood vessels that pumps blood throughout the body. Heart disease is a prominent cause of death in many western countries and is said to be the leading cause of death in the United States. Coronary heart disease is the most widespread form of the disease and has been estimated to be responsible for up to 70% of deaths per year.
Inflammatory heart disease manifests when the surrounding heart tissue or muscle is inflamed from exposure to an infection like a bacteria or virus or from an internal oddity. This sort of inflammation may come about in cases of rheumatic fever and kawasaki disease.
Lung nodules, also medically referred to as pulmonary nodules are miniature, roundish growth that appear on the lung, that is usually about three centimeters or less in size. Lung nodules can be cancerous or can be caused by other serious diseases. Cancerous nodules are usually identified by rapid growth that quickly become masses.
The American Revolutionary War or American War of Independence lasted from 1775 to 1783. It was originally a war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and thirteen of its former British colonies in North America however, it eventually became a worldwide war between a number of European great powers.
A folk remedy is a natural method of treatment that employs the use of certain herbs, spices, vegetables and other produce to cure illnesses.Some folk remedies have been used since the beginning of creation, there have been written records made over 5,000 years ago which show evidence of the various medicinal uses of herbs.