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One of the most difficult decisions for a young couple about to get married is whether they should invite just their adult friends and relatives, or include their children. The fact is that some of the bride and groom’s friends who got married a couple of years earlier may have babies or very young children.
Holding your wedding under nature’s canopy can be very gratifying, but choosing an outdoor venue requires some extra planning and considerations. Make sure the person officiating the ceremony will agree to do so. Some clergy will not perform a wedding outside of a place of worship. Once you've cleared this matter, you are ready to make your checklist and begin the planning.
Today couples wed at a number of venues. Churches, synagogues, city hall, the beach, even drive-thru wedding chapels in Vegas. Some tie the knot sky diving or underwater with scuba gear. One of the fastest growing wedding options is aboard a cruise ship.
There are just so many different promotional items out on the market these days. This is why it can be quite difficult to determine which ones are the most effective and practical for your business. Sometimes you simply need to consider the season and other times you have to take into account the business you are running.
The current recession has put a damper on corporate hiring and has placed increased productivity demands on existing employees. Workers need ongoing training, information technology updates, and the latest high tech equipment to enhance their output. Beyond the tools that every competitive business provides, morale is a potent productivity tool. As employees nerves are stretched thinner in a work place that extracts more work from fewer workers, employee morale is vital.
Every business constantly reviews its policies on how to market and reward loyal customers and employees or workers who have excelled or accomplished a particular business goal. Consider tapping into the burgeoning industry that provides corporate gift baskets. Everyone loves to receive them. Once the contents are consumed, many recipients save the baskets for fruit bowls, dried flower arrangements or for potpourri.
The United States hosts thousands of trade shows annually. If your company is not participating in these high exposure venues, you are losing business. Every industry and professional group, from dentists to defense contractors, is involved in trade shows to display their latest services, products, and technological innovations.
It’s finally arrived – graduation day. The day your little son or daughter is finally leaving the nest and moving on to the great, big world. No more elementary school plays to attend, no more soccer games to take them to, no more flute recitals to watch. Where have the years gone?
Productivity is the buzz word in business today. Technology and enhanced systems help your employees do more with less manpower. Like it or not, a company’s productivity will be the key to survival and enhanced profitability. Strategic rewards should be part of your incentive program and sometimes expressing your appreciation with something other than money reaps a better return.
There is no need to spend money on a wedding planner unless you are going for a six or seven figure platinum wedding. With most weddings costing under $25,000, you can easily eliminate the planner fee. But first you really need to get organized.