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Thomas Mullooly, President of Mullooly Asset Management, has been in the investment industry since 1983. After many years as a broker, Tom established Mullooly Asset Management as an Investment Advisory firm for individuals who are looking to manage the risk in their investments.

Too many investors have been decimated the past few years by having no game plan, no method to manage the risk in their portfolios and making other mistakes.

Mullooly Asset Management coordinates a tactical game plan for their clients. Whether your assets are in a 401k plan or in a brokerage account, Mullooly Asset Management works one on one with individuals so they can regain control of their investments.

Tom's popular email alerts help folks to reduce the risks in their portfolios. To learn how to stop making investing mistakes, and to sign up for Tom's email alerts, visit www.mullooly.net today!

It wasn't all that long ago where we had gas lines, a prime rate that reached 20%, unemployment reaching 12%, and inflation at 13%.
Covered call writing is when you own a stock (or buy a stock today)and also sell (or write) a call option against that position.
It's a little embarrassing to hear media folks on TV and radio asking questions Friday morning like: "Do you think the stock market will open today?"
Let us look into stock history, when was bottom and what was situation at times.
Another theme I'm surprised hasn't been discussed more often will be more foreign firms trying to make acquisitions of US-based companies in the next few years. Here's a few reasons foreign companies - and US based firms
Let's talk about inside information and the stock market.
Is it true that high net worth investors focus only on generating the highest returns? No! The ultra-wealthy focus primarily on risk management. These people are not gamblers.
A "buy signal" occurs when there is demand for a stock. You know from Economics 101, anything in demand will see its' price rise.
Economic recessions and economic depressions? Since 1854, the United States has been through 32 economic cycles, one cycle lasting (average) nearly 5 years. That's not the length of a recession, that's an entire economic cycle.
Here is WHY so many think the stock market is bad. And, why is the economy so bad?