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Thomas Mullooly, President of Mullooly Asset Management, has been in the investment industry since 1983. After many years as a broker, Tom established Mullooly Asset Management as an Investment Advisory firm for individuals who are looking to manage the risk in their investments.

Too many investors have been decimated the past few years by having no game plan, no method to manage the risk in their portfolios and making other mistakes.

Mullooly Asset Management coordinates a tactical game plan for their clients. Whether your assets are in a 401k plan or in a brokerage account, Mullooly Asset Management works one on one with individuals so they can regain control of their investments.

Tom's popular email alerts help folks to reduce the risks in their portfolios. To learn how to stop making investing mistakes, and to sign up for Tom's email alerts, visit www.mullooly.net today!

My 401k: No more match. Keep contributing? OK, so your employer announces the following regarding: Your 401k: No more match. Should I keep contributing?
The Obama Administration has still not come up with a plan to remove troubled assets from the balance sheets at banks. Therefore, their solution appears to be "semi-nationalization," as evidenced recently when the US Government and Citigroup agreed to convert the preferred shares held by the government into common shares.
This was the headline on the Associated Press on the evening of February 17th, 2009. Is that a fact?
Throwing good money after bad into these banks is not the answer. Now, I don't like changing the rules in the middle of the game. But I still believe the almost-immediate fix for this entire mess is suspending "mark to the market" regulations.
If you are outside the industry you may not know when brokerage firms are merged or acquired, the brokers (the salesforce) are sometimes awarded bonuses merely for staying. The reason behind the bonus is the broker/salesperson may face a drop-off in business, the bonus may help smooth the transition period.
Suppose a house on your street went into foreclosure. Previously, that home — and every other home on the street had a value of $600,000. But the foreclosed property went through a sheriff's sale and was sold for $250,000. Does it mean every home on the street must suffer the same price cut?
Looks like others are starting to learn the story. Your individual stock broker — getting TARP money — is just plain wrong. And the size of these retention bonuses is extreme.
When I was in college, I loved listening to a local college radio station (WFUV, Fordham) that had a sports-talk show on Sunday nights. The show featured something new: phone calls from listeners! This was more than 25 years ago, before WFAN in New York, ESPN Radio and all the other sports outlets we have today.
This may be enlightening. Guess what? In some cases, Your Stockbroker is Getting TARP Money.
Citibank would consider selling Smith Barney, to their competitor, Morgan Stanley. There are several reasons why Citibank may be considering this transaction.