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Degree: Bachelor of Science in Political Science (2007) Undergraduate School: Kennesaw State University

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1. President of Student Government at Kennesaw State University (2004-2005)

2. Serves on the Pakistan Israel Peace Forum Advisory Committee

3. Served as Vice President of Pakistani American Community of Atlanta.

Every day we are reminded that there are individuals that portray themselves as above society.  There are individuals that think that Money and Financial Power is key to happiness.  There are those that believe "First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get respect."  There is an error in this message for it speaks of no love, kindness nor compassion. 

The greatest strength of an individual is their mercy.  The greatest gift of an individual is their love.  The greatest skill of an individual is their kindness.  I have a motto I live by, Diplomacy before Dialogue.  You can not speak to someone that does not exist.  It is time for Diplomatic Relations to be Established. 

Pakistani Americans are among the most educated minority communities in the United States. However, that has not reflected in the political representation in the United States. While the Indian Americans have seen the rise of Governor Bobby Jindal and the rise of other Indian Americans in political representation.
These are interesting times in terms of politics in Pakistan. Right now, there is plenty of uncertainty in regards to who will be the next Prime Minister, President, or if there will be midterm elections or whether the current PPP lead coalition government will survive the full five year term. In Pakistan, the need is clear for new leadership to emerge. Will it will be former President Pervez Musharraf or Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Imran Khan? One thing is certain, Change is Imminent.
Why I believe Larry Drew is the perfect coach for the Atlanta Hawks. Being a big Atlanta Hawks fan, I give my philsophy behind why Atlanta Hawks selecting Larry Drew is the logical choice for a team that aims to improve and be an NBA Championship Contender.
President Obama must think wisely before making the final judgement on Iran. The case for the War may have valid arguments, but not enough for a War, much less, Economic Sanctions.
An emerging political party is growing stronger and the desire for change has become a movement for justice. The international community must foster it and not hinder it. In Pakistan, a frontline state in the War on Terror, the implications are real and can determine the difference between victory and defeat. Pakistan's Tehreek-e-Insaf offers one hope, the hope of good governance.
The news of the revival of the Karachi Circular Railways may be old news for some, but for those that were hoping that the work would have started, now they can be happy that a date of completion has been set. The Project will begin construction in 2010 and be completed by 2010 at a cost of
Why have we chosen to elect leaders on the money we may receive rather than the love they give? Why have our standards declined? Perhaps, that's why we are disappointed in our leaders. They made us feel that Money is More Important than love.
For many, the honorary late Senator Edward Kennedy is remembered for his legacy, for the policies he fought for, for the family he had, and for the lives he impacted. For me, I remember Senator Edward Kennedy as the Senator that Endorsed the Then-Senator Barack Obama for a U.S. Presidential Run.
Many are calling for a change in Pakistan, but we must understand that we must help in that change rather than being a spectator of change. Pakistan's political setup needs change but this change is not possible without people like you and me rising up and contesting the Parliamentary elections. We can not expect old leaders to make new decisions or bad leaders to make good decisions. A Political Change is Needed and we must help create that change.
Iranian Protestors must listen to the Ayotollah and his message. The Ayotollah is to Shias as the Pope is to Catholics. This will only show him and help them prove to him the value of Democracy and Freedom. This is about more political rights and freedom.