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Degree: Bachelor of Science in Political Science (2007) Undergraduate School: Kennesaw State University

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1. President of Student Government at Kennesaw State University (2004-2005)

2. Serves on the Pakistan Israel Peace Forum Advisory Committee

3. Served as Vice President of Pakistani American Community of Atlanta.

Every day we are reminded that there are individuals that portray themselves as above society.  There are individuals that think that Money and Financial Power is key to happiness.  There are those that believe "First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get respect."  There is an error in this message for it speaks of no love, kindness nor compassion. 

The greatest strength of an individual is their mercy.  The greatest gift of an individual is their love.  The greatest skill of an individual is their kindness.  I have a motto I live by, Diplomacy before Dialogue.  You can not speak to someone that does not exist.  It is time for Diplomatic Relations to be Established. 

The Presidential Elections are about electing a President, not a Vice President. We are not interested in the elections because Joe Biden or Sarah Palin are running for President, we are interested because Barack Obama and John McCain are running. The elections should be about the President, not a Vice President. Although Fox News had a major documentary on Sarah Palin, within two weeks of her selection, they do not have one on Joe Biden and it has been three weeks.
To the International community and the World at Large, Asif Zardari is simply known as the Widower of former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. But today, Asif Zardari is the President of Pakistan at a time when the Pakistan Military is staying away from Politics. What makes Asif Zardari the Most Powerful Leader of Pakistan since Mohammad Ali Jinnah? The Thirteen Points favoring Asif Zardari.
Asif Zardari's Presidency reminds everyone that there needs to be a new trend in politics. Founder of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah's grandson still lives like a common man of Pakistan and symbolizes the status of the common man. It is in America's and the World's interest for a strong and secure Pakistan. Pakistani must invest in themselves and believe in a better tomorrow. Do it for themselves, their future and the masses.
Asif Ali Zardari's connections with his late-wife Benazir Bhutto and his connections made him the talk of the First Husbands Club. The man who is allegedly the murder of Murtaza Bhutto is Pakistan's Newest President. Who does he have to thank for his political success? The late-Benazir Bhutto. The man who gained the most out of Benazir Bhutto's success is her widower, Asif Zardari. He has always wanted to become the leader of Pakistan. Now, Asif Zardari is given that opportunity.
At a crucial time when the War on Terror was almost forgotten due to the Iraq War, we all heard of the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan. This is not the 1990's, this is 2008. Over the past few weeks a few key events happened involving Russia, bringing back memories of the Cold War. While the attention must be given to Russia and Georgia, we can not forget the War on Terror.
Benazir Bhutto left a legacy, with it she also left Pakistan with Asif Zardari. Asif Zardari is known for his corruption. What does the 2008 Elections mean for Pakistan. Why should Asif Zardari be the President of Pakistan? Examining the Politics behind Asif Zardari's version of Democracy.
The Rise of Benazir Bhutto's Widower Asif Ali Zardari has many Pakistanis United for the first time in ages. Why so? And what he must learn to change his credibility.
Pakistan's Dawn News may launch in the United States. It is the first English language channel for Pakistan and offers an Eastern perspective on International News. It also opens new opportunities for the Generations ahead. What seperates Dawn News? First, it is aimed at a younger generation and also it is aimed at an elite audience who are influential policy makers in Pakistan. But it must plan it's strategy in the right fashion.
Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin is part of a new trend in Politics. Barack Obama put Hawaii in the Political Map and Sarah Palin has put Alaska in the Political Map. The Young with the Old means that Politics have taken a turn in the United States.
Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama could have went with Tim Kaine, yet he went with Senator Joe Biden. The Senator who wants change, picked the man who is part of the same. Yet, this ticket may truly resemble change as Joe Biden is a proponent of a Pakistan-Policy and not a Musharraf-Policy. Senator Obama's message is Foreign Policy matters in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections.