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Becoming a Christian is not simply joining a church or declaring that you are a Christian because your parents were or that you were born in a Christian nation.

The first step that you must experience is spiritual birth. This is birth from above provided to us by the Holy Spirit when we accept the atoning gift from our savior Jesus Christ. You see, He died for our sins, substituting Himself out of love for us. This spiritual birth is available to everyone by turning to God and declaring, "God, I ask you to forgive me of my sins and I accept the free gift of Jesus who died on my behalf."

When you pray that prayer what happens:

First, you experience a spiritual birth. This is a birth from above which is some times referred to as being ‘born again'. You see each person who accepts Jesus as their savior is born again, not in body but in spirit. When we were conceived by our parents, they created our body with a mind, will, personality and emotions. Sometimes this is referred to as body and soul. When we are born from above, God creates in us a new birth, a spiritual birth. This spiritual birth is from God above and will never die. This is what is called eternal life.

Second, we become children of God, fully adopted into his family. As believers with our new spirit, our new life, we are now part of God's family.

Third, our name is written in the Book Of Life. This book will be opened by Jesus at the end times. When Jesus opens the Book Of Life, He will find our names listed.

Forth, The Holy Spirit gives us presents. These are special gifts that God uses through us to further His kingdom on earth. The motivational gifts are prophecy, service, teaching, exhortation, giving, leading and mercy.

Fifth, being on this side of the cross, our God deals with us in grace. He is a loving God who wants nothing but the best for His children. This does not mean that nothing bad will every happen to us, but It does mean that God is there to turn everything ultimately into good

Sixth, we can never loose our salvation or our status in God's family. You see when the spirit is born in us, we have eternal life with God. It was God himself who died for us as Jesus Christ. Jesus is God, a part of the one God or trinity. If God himself died for us can their ever be a better substitute for our sin death than God himself.

Seventh, while on earth and before Jesus returns, we are given the opportunity to earn rewards that will be provided to us in heaven and in our after life.

Next, we must understand that when we first become Christians, we are babes, infants in Christ. Our purpose and goal is to begin our Christian walk by becoming more mature each day, month, year, etc. There are many things that babies do not understand. God did not choose to make us instant theologians but rather wants us to embark on a life of Bible study, worship and prayer.

You will not be able to see much difference in a newly born Christian than a non-Christian. This difference will become more and more apparent as the Christian matures.

When you work on a project that will improve the lives of people for months and months and it is finally approved, it is such a good feeling. When you plant seed and you water the fields, cultivate and take good care of it, it is such a good thing to eat of the harvest. When you work with a team and you win a close game, and everyone is so happy and proud, it is good. When you do a good deed for a friend and it brings tears to their eyes of appreciation, it also brings joy to your heart.
I have had the pleasure of knowing people who walk in integrity. In many ways they are the foundation of our society. We have a tendency to glorify people who do not deserve their names ever being repeated. Yet, there are those, usually for some poor and pitiful reason, that are anointed by the media.
I once thought that if we could just expose people to God's saving word, that there would be no way they could reject it. Then my children became teenagers and suddenly I knew that truth can and often is rejected. Teens not only can tune you out, but they now put plugs in their ears, turn up the sound, making it impossible for them to hear a word you are saying.
I have seen wisdom operate in the lives of Christian men and women all my life. Wisdom is color blind. It does not matter the race or ethnicity. Wisdom is ageless. It does not matter how old or young you are. Wisdom is gender neutral. You can find wisdom in both men and women and in boys and girls.
The degrading of our children through minimizing the value of sex in a married relationship is extremely hurtful to our society. We see constant exposure to ads that use sex to sell merchandise. We see sexual explicit movies and TV programs and we see sex education in many of our schools that concentrate more on how to avoid the physical consequence of having sex outside of marriage, rather than teaching sound Biblical principals.
I once ask my wife why children threw food on the floor and seem to do it with great glee. The wise answer of my wife was; ‘because they can'. When we took our little ones to a restaurant, I always felt I needed to leave an extra large tip because of the mess they would sometimes make. We often want our children to grow up quickly and be able to make decisions with good judgment and we especially think that they can when they are teenagers.
One of the obvious teachings in this Proverb is to have children with one wife. It is about faithfulness. The goal of Christian families is to raise righteous children; teaching them God's word and having them accomplish the same thing. The wife/mother is the source of the spring and from her love, nurturing and teaching comes great streams of children which go on to change and water the world.
Sometimes my wife will leave something at the bottom of the stairs, intending for either me or one of the children to take it up to the second floor. She wants us to do it without any additional prompting or nudging. We will do the same with our son, like set the silverware holder out where he cannot miss it, a nudging to put the silverware away without further prompting.
learned early in life that there were things more important than money. Even a simple piece of paper can offer more treasure. As a young man, I loved to plant flowers. It was fun to dig your hands in dirt, sift out all of the rocks and plant seeds in some sort of pattern.
After working hard in the fields or outside in the hot sun doing physical labor, or after playing hard, running and competing until you just barely can catch your breath, wet with perspiration, there is nothing better than a cool drink. Many of our challenges are not physical but spiritual and spiritual challenges are different.