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Becoming a Christian is not simply joining a church or declaring that you are a Christian because your parents were or that you were born in a Christian nation.

The first step that you must experience is spiritual birth. This is birth from above provided to us by the Holy Spirit when we accept the atoning gift from our savior Jesus Christ. You see, He died for our sins, substituting Himself out of love for us. This spiritual birth is available to everyone by turning to God and declaring, "God, I ask you to forgive me of my sins and I accept the free gift of Jesus who died on my behalf."

When you pray that prayer what happens:

First, you experience a spiritual birth. This is a birth from above which is some times referred to as being ‘born again'. You see each person who accepts Jesus as their savior is born again, not in body but in spirit. When we were conceived by our parents, they created our body with a mind, will, personality and emotions. Sometimes this is referred to as body and soul. When we are born from above, God creates in us a new birth, a spiritual birth. This spiritual birth is from God above and will never die. This is what is called eternal life.

Second, we become children of God, fully adopted into his family. As believers with our new spirit, our new life, we are now part of God's family.

Third, our name is written in the Book Of Life. This book will be opened by Jesus at the end times. When Jesus opens the Book Of Life, He will find our names listed.

Forth, The Holy Spirit gives us presents. These are special gifts that God uses through us to further His kingdom on earth. The motivational gifts are prophecy, service, teaching, exhortation, giving, leading and mercy.

Fifth, being on this side of the cross, our God deals with us in grace. He is a loving God who wants nothing but the best for His children. This does not mean that nothing bad will every happen to us, but It does mean that God is there to turn everything ultimately into good

Sixth, we can never loose our salvation or our status in God's family. You see when the spirit is born in us, we have eternal life with God. It was God himself who died for us as Jesus Christ. Jesus is God, a part of the one God or trinity. If God himself died for us can their ever be a better substitute for our sin death than God himself.

Seventh, while on earth and before Jesus returns, we are given the opportunity to earn rewards that will be provided to us in heaven and in our after life.

Next, we must understand that when we first become Christians, we are babes, infants in Christ. Our purpose and goal is to begin our Christian walk by becoming more mature each day, month, year, etc. There are many things that babies do not understand. God did not choose to make us instant theologians but rather wants us to embark on a life of Bible study, worship and prayer.

You will not be able to see much difference in a newly born Christian than a non-Christian. This difference will become more and more apparent as the Christian matures.

Men and women are different. We think differently. We respond differently. We learn differently and we deal with problems and challenges differently. God made us two not one. The female body is different from the male body and the ways our brains function are also different. We may arrive at the same conclusions but the way we get there is different.
How is it possible for a baby to come into this world completely helpless, having to have everything done for him/her, completely dependent on parents for food, clothing, security, comfort, love and yes even language to curse their father and mother? Who are the child's first teachers? Who teaches them to speak, to learn hot from cold, to learn sharp from dull, soft from hard. Who teaches them to say thank you, I'm sorry, please or even to call out to mom or dad?
Sports teams get bad calls from referees and umpires all the time. This is to be expected because no one is perfect. It usually evens out over time. But because teams love to win, whenever they get what they perceive as a bad call, a call that goes against them, the natural reaction is to get upset. What is interesting in watching college and professional sports is how little complaining team members do, taken as a whole. They normally just turn and walk away.
All you have to do is look around you, observe what is happening in the world to see God at work fighting evil. For example, there are those who appoint themselves gang leaders who lead children astray. Although they bring about much evil in their communities, sometimes with innocent people getting hurt, God always brings them down.
children should have much more of a responsibility then their own interest. They have the responsibility of making the hearts of their parents glad. Solomon himself understood his responsibility as David's son:
Picking up a dog by its ears can result in pain for the dog. Because the dog experiences pain its natural reaction is to bite or snap at the offending person. That is what generally happens to someone who meddles in other people's affairs. However, there are many people in the work place, in the neighborhood and in various institutions, including churches, who feel it is their responsibility to insert themselves in the lives of others.
Friends are a joy to partake of and at the end of a good meal or good times with friends, you always want just a little bit more.
As Christians, when we see injustices we have the responsibility to speak up. It is easy to look the other way, trying to avoid learning about injustices or simply believing a lie, when deep in our hearts we know the truth. We consistently ask God for help in time of trouble.
Think about it. As a child of God, living in his kingdom, guided daily by the Holy Spirit and pursuing His will, why would you envy any sinner? As Moses rejected the pleasures of Pharaoh's kingdom, so should Christian children reject the promises of those who are living sinful lives in the world controlled by Satan.
Have you ever gone in to a bookstore and found a book titled; ‘Sin and Grow Rich'. Or perhaps a title like; ‘Lie, Cheat and Steal to Obtain Your Goals'. Following this type of sinful plan does not work. Indeed, even those who teach such things, dress up in hypocrisy and beautifully laid out dreams, end up throwing themselves under the bus of Satan.