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Patrick Corley was born and raised in New Orleans. After he graduated from high school he moved to Florida and worked for Disney World for some time. He then moved back to his home town and married his beautiful wife Rae with his two beautiful kids. He now takes them on Disney vacations so the family can all share in the Disney magic.


Are you a fan of the original Disney Channel movie "High School Musical 2: School's Out?" Well if you are, then this is the perfect live audience sing-along musical attraction for you, all with new songs and a rollicking new spirit.
This is an outdoor theater seating arrangement with an overhang that covers the audience. It features a short 20-minute version of Disney's classic "Beauty and the Beast" that comes to life with dancing and singing characters. Grab a seat and enjoy.
Come inside to a live indoor studio stage of your favorite Disney TV characters. As you walk in you will see a wide open carpeted floor with no seating in the middle.
This attraction features state-of-the-art theater type seating that is indoors. It is a live show of Arial and all of her undersea friends.
Imagine yourself back in the days of the Old West. Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade is an old western theme with all kinds of animatronics to shoot at with an old style rifle. Now, the gun is not real and it does not shoot real bullets, but you do have to pay to play in order for things to work. Aim at anything.
I find that the ride is exactly like what you see in the movie “Alice in Wonderland.” The teacup and saucer spin in a circle around a teapot and floating lanterns at the top of the ride. If you look closely in the teapot in the middle of the ride, you will see a mouse pop out from the top and then go back down.
Ariel's Grotto is a nicely decorated area to meet Ariel the mermaid and all of her friends! There’s a lot of shade and plenty of scenic views. Ariel opens at 10am each day and is always anxious to meet all the Disney guests. Ariel is the only girl I have ever met with a tail. So far!
Take a spin around on MAGIC KINGDOM’s famous flying elephant and see for yourself how much fun it really is. The cars are made out of a replica of Dumbo and you can control him to move up or down. Each elephant on the ride has different colored hats and seats.
Peter Pan's Flight is a pirate ship that flies into Wendy’s room and over the rooftops of London to Never Land. You board a three-passenger miniature galleon, which is suspended from ceiling tracks so that it glides and makes you feel that you’re flying like Peter Pan. It’s a slow moving ride in the dark so that various scenes appear to light up as you encounter them.
Words cannot describe Cinderella’s Castle in Fantasyland. Cinderella’s Castle is a castle from the time when kings and queens were royalty to everyone. Beautiful drawings hang inside the castle along with a lot of gold paintings, and the huge ancient doors that are on the castle are worth a look. There’s also an outstanding shop that is a “do not miss.”