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Patrick Corley was born and raised in New Orleans. After he graduated from high school he moved to Florida and worked for Disney World for some time. He then moved back to his home town and married his beautiful wife Rae with his two beautiful kids. He now takes them on Disney vacations so the family can all share in the Disney magic.


Words cannot describe Cinderella’s Castle in Fantasyland. Cinderella’s Castle is a castle from the time when kings and queens were royalty to everyone. Beautiful drawings hang inside the castle along with a lot of gold paintings, and the huge ancient doors that are on the castle are worth a look. There’s also an outstanding shop that is a “do not miss.”
Disney’s Space Mountain building contains an indoor roller coaster on two tracks that simulates an awesome ride through the darkness of deep space. The building is designed to look like a space station from the future. At night the flashing lights on and all around the building give it the appearance of alien space ship.
Set sail with the famous pirate Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew. As you board the Black Pearl, be aware that untold riches and dangers lay just ahead. Be sure to dodge the cannon fight between Captain Barbossa’s ships and the stone fort at Port Royal. You never know which character will come out and where the cannon balls will fall next!
You’ll embark on your cruise in an open-air, awning-covered riverboat that journeys through the Disney “Rivers of the World” jungle. Exotic animals await you at the banks with every twist and turn of the river, watching for you to come closer, yet you never do. You never know what exotic mysteries lay just around every bend.
The Enchanted Tiki Room ? Under New Management is a rework from the original 1971 Audio-Animatronics musical show.
Set sail for 90 seconds on one of 16 of Aladdin's magic carpets as you soar high above MAGIC KINGDOM’s Adventureland! Aladdin’s ride is like the carnival style hub-and-spoke rides strictly geared to the younger generation
Cinderella's Golden Carousel, WOW, what a magnificent carousel that Disney created! The horses have beautiful colorful stones on them, and at the top of the carousel you can see drawings of Cinderella.