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It's like the Oscars for job boards. Weddles.com recently published its 2010 User's Choice Awards, based on year long surveys of recruiters and candidates.
In job search, it’s better to be lucky than to be smart. Unfortunately, most candidates play by an outdated set of rules that makes them unlucky. Employers today use very similar procedures to pick which employees to interview and hire.
On Fridays, I'm posting a job search question from one of our readers. This was a question posted in response to my posting on Linkedin Answers “Candidates - What's your most difficult job search question?”
Ever respond to an interview question, by saying "I haven't done it, but I can learn"?
How many of you have a project plan for your job search? I’m not talking about a marketing plan, or a list of target companies, or an opportunity pipeline tracking spreadsheet. I’m not talking about a to-do list, or a plan somewhere in your head.
There is one definitive answer for this question - Longer than you think. It's interesting that when I talk to candidates, most have such an unrealistic view of how long their job search will take.
Hiring managers, recruiters and HR departments use more than just your resume to find and learn about candidates. That's good news for candidates who have additional ways to market themselves, and ways to differentiate from their competition.
In today’s hyper-competitive, recessionary job market, job seekers are finding more barriers than good news. Creative social media use gives job seekers a way to beat the odds.
Do you want to be perceived as the perfect candidate for the job? Who wouldn't, right?
Candidates - How much time do you spend networking, either in person or online? Are you getting the returns you'd like for your efforts?