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Qaiser Abbas is the Founder & Chief Inspiring Officer, Possibilities ®, a leading management training & consulting company, operating internationally with head office in Pakistan.

Qaiser pioneered the concepts of ‘trainment' and ‘Management By Adventure' (MBA) to bring greater purpose, meaning and excitement to the business of learning and development. As an Organizational Psychologist, he specializes in utilizing experiential learning methodology in outdoor learning.

He is the author of ‘Outclass Teams', first book on team-building written by a Pakistani author. The book is based on a team building model that Qaiser has been practically utilizing in building teams for various organizations in and abroad such as Coca Cola, Nestle, P&G, Ufone, Pakistan Tobacco Company, Nokia-Siemens, Telenor, Haier, KSB Pumps, ORIX, Total, Reckitt Benckiser and Hinopak etc.

Through his motivational seminars and other best-selling books; Tick Tick DollarTM and Shabash! Tum Kar Saktay ho®; Qaiser is constantly striving to inspire individuals and teams to realize their full potential. 

Qaiser also uses his cutting edge tools and breakthrough strategies to help youth, children and underprivileged people. 

Leading teams is a tough job these days. If you really want to shine as a team leader, There are some golden rules that you can put in to practice immediately and get outstanding results.
Outclass Teams thrive, flourish and prosper in an outclass culture. This culture in produced neither overnight nor a result of an accident. Outclass teams give their heart and soul in building a culture that supports peak team performance. From my own experience of teams, I have been able to identify a set of seven hidden beliefs which seem to repeatedly sustain outclass teams.
Occasionally, organizational leaders ask me a very straightforward question: “We agree with you on the idea of empowering teams for long-term sustenance. But we have witnessed that even empowered teams become severely ineffectual and don’t remain sustained for long. How would you explain this?”
Hundreds of companies waste hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue every year on "Team Building" programs that do not produce the desired results. The programs fail to develop a team atmosphere within their organizations. The term "Team Building" has itself become a bit confusing. So much is being offered today at the name of team building that the client gets perplexed.
If you too recognize the need for team development, and are planning some activities for that purpose, you should have some idea of the pitfalls of team building, and how to go about it. It doesn’t matter whether you hire a consultant to help, or you lead the process yourself, if you know what must be avoided, there are good chances of your success.
Bringing a high performing team back on track is critical for leaders. A range of tools are available to help leaders achieve this objective. The most effective approach has been to sensitize leaders about certain behaviors that cause teams to slip. The process encourages teams (including leaders) to make a strong commitment to ‘SAY NO’ to different behaviors, attitudes and actions damaging the overall productivity and performance of the team.
Teams aren’t simple. In order for a captain, manager or supervisor to lead a team successfully, h/she should be able to understand the basic dynamics of team. It is important to understand what team is ? Failure to do so can produce devastating outcomes for individuals, team and business.
Many organizations may still have doubt whether investment in team building will pay off? Investment in a structured program with well thought-out goals and outcomes can actually give you a many fold advantage. A team-building event at a certain level gives you a lot more than just a fun day out. It really can make a significant business difference.
Don’t you want increased productivity, improved customer service, more flexible systems, employee empowerment? Can you do it alone? Of course, you need an outclass team to complete this mission. We all have seen high-performing teams. We appreciate them, admire them, and get inspiration from them. But we really don’t know the secret behind. After having worked with teams of various backgrounds and styles team possibilities has identified SEVEN key secrets of outclass team.