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Rehan Allahwala is a simple guy, who tries and tries and tries and tries even more in what I believe in. I love to work in area's that are un-explored and make lives of people simple and more equal to others. You can learn more about me on www.rehan.com


U.S Housing and Financial market is in difficult situation right now. The collapse of major financial institutions, foreclosures, home loans scarcity, so on. The housing market is in a worst shape due to major market collapse.
The war against Terror is in its full swing since American forces are using drones to target terrorists in the troublesome tribal areas of Pakistan. However, since 9/11, U.S hasn’t been very successful in locating terrorists especially Mr. Osama Bin Laden. The primary cause is gaps in communication between U.S forces, Pakistan Army and the local people – the major source of intel and information on the location of terrorists and their hideouts.