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A Connecticut-based wordsmith, Rita M. Reali writes about topics ranging from writing to sports to the joys of playing the ukulele. For more information about grammar, usage and other language bugaboos -- or to learn more about Rita's writing, editing, proofreading and language-skills training services -- visit The Persnickety Proofreader at http://persnicketyproofreader.wordpress.com.

Need a can't-miss way to screw up your next sales call or client meeting? Just follow these 5 steps and there's no way you'll get the sale! You might even get laughed right out of the client's office.
The whole "your" versus "you're" dilemma is one that has plagued writers (yes, even decent writers) for years. But it isn't really that hard to use the right word. It's just a matter of re-phrasing your sentence to get at what you mean to say.
From avoiding trite words to banishing clichés, these simple tips for improving your writing will exercise your "imagination muscles" and make your prose come alive – and virtually dance off the page!
Call it Mixed Martial Arts or Ultimate Fighting... but this competition form is far from modern. Combining Greco-Roman wrestling and martial arts, MMA resembles the ancient Greek sport of pankration.