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So what exactly is social media? Social media refers to a large group of tools and applications available on the internet that permits you to interact socially with a diverse group of people.
Energy deregulation has opened a whole new business opportunity for entrepreneurs to make additional income for themselves. Reselling deregulated energy service, either electricity or natural gas, is growing rapidly across the United States and has great potential to continue.
With the economy in the shape it's in and the planet running short on resources, it is more important now than ever to save on energy in every way you can think of.
Until recently, solar energy was only available to humans indirectly as it was used from fossil fuels to plants to wind power. Today, however, solar energy is available in different forms and it creates significant savings in energy in Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Georgia.
Geothermal energy is energy that comes from heat naturally generated inside the earth. Rain water percolates down into the earth where it forms underground pools and subterranean rivers.
Wind power represents a clean source of renewable energy. It is an effective way to generate electricity, and some commentators believe it to be better than plants fueled by coal, water or nuclear power.
Hydropower is a renewable source of electricity. It has been used for many centuries for many different purposes. Simply put it is the generation of electricity by using the natural source of water.