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Retired firefighter goverment employee thirty years four years military love my two dogs KT& tess And staying informed,writing Has always been a Passion Maybe some day I will write a book but for now I am having fun.
Do the Taliban and Al-Qaeda think that by carrying out attacks on Pakistanis will weaken there spirit
What is Washington doing? while people are dying and it's business as usual for the Taliban and AL-Qaeda
Are there similarities between cults and the Taliban and Al-Qaeda
A photograph of an individual hanging their head grasping their forehead what does it mean to you?
Pakistanis leave in the wake of a Military Offensive Against the Taliban and are the Taliban recruiting children for suicide bombings
This is what happens when you lack the sense to say enough is enough
House passes a bill to release Gitmo Detainees
One of the most wanted men arrested for Rwanda Genocide
Can a superpower and a world leader like china ever completely change there old ways
Can you Bypass Taliban Insurgents and just take the fight to AL Qaeda