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Sherri Stockman is a Naturopathic Practitioner and natural healer living and working in the Central Texas Hill Country. She is passionate about Earth Stewardship, green before Green was cool.

If chlorine in the public water supply is necessary to keep us safe from dangerous bacteria, then you need a chlorine water filter in your home to keep you safe from the chemicals.
The best moisturizers for dry skin should contain high quality, proven ingredients, without the addition of toxins, allergens, or other irritants. It's not unrealistic to expect excellent face moisturizers to gradually reverse the signs of aging.
The best skin creme for men will be designed particularly for a man's skin, with superior natural ingredients that address men's skin issues.
If you want to read a face cream review that actually talks about safe, natural products in an unbiased manner you need to use discretion and common sense. Face cream reviews that glorify one product and bash all others may have been submitted by the company itself.
A whole house water purification system can protect your family from the dangers of contaminated tap water. It's unbelievable what is being found in America's treated water.
Water purification technology may be complicated, but the general idea is simple: Remove contaminates to make the finished product safer to drink. Here, we present the basics.
Healthy natural weight loss can happen only by increasing your intake of pure water. When you drink water to lose weight, your metabolism naturally speeds up, you have increased energy, and you absorb nutrients more efficiently. The result is natural and healthy weight loss.
The future of cosmetics is botanical skin care. But which of the scary sounding ingredients really are scary, and which are beneficial?
Are you concerned about the safety and effectiveness of your facial skin care program? Here are some important things to look for, and to look out for, in your facial care creams and lotions.
Petrolatum and mineral oil are not effective facial moisturizers because these compounds cannot be readily absorbed by the skin. Your facial cream will be much more effective - healthier, too - with certain proven natural ingredients.