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Masroor manages the SourceONE, marketing and content manager in a global marketing field. If you would like to know more about email marketing or if you are looking for service providers in this domain, please contact us. I can give you a list and comparison of some good companies providing affordable online marketing solutions.

There was a time when getting tickets to the big game or concert was nearly impossible, unless you were willing to spend the night sleeping in front of the ticket window.
Ever Thought of Michael Jackson’s music in Rock n Roll style?
Do Smart People Make The Best Managers. Everybody's talking about IQ testing and the importance of raw intelligence. A 1999 article in Scientific American said that only the top 5% of Americans (those above an IQ of 125) are even potentially capable of doing senior roles.
Of the average $50 billion a year in aid provided by the G7 countries – Canada, France,Germany, Italy, Japan, UK and the United States – only about 40 per cent of the money is spent in poor countries; the rest of it is “tied” to purchases of G7 goods and services and is spent in the wealthy countries themselves. Even then, much of the aid is late in arriving
Having a mobile phone nowadays is one's passport to the entire world. Modern day mobile technologies have taken wireless connectivity to a whole new level and now a mobile phone number is a universal identity.
As everybody knows about the global economic crises in all over the World. Many Major Technology based giants are cutting their jobs due to global crises.
Falling Prey To Deterrence Trap. It is high time to do away with the myth that nuclear weapons provide safety
Not Knowing Where To Stand. The inhuman Israeli assault on innocent Palestinians is the most deadly in decades
Is this film anti Pakistan or anti Muslim? I asked my DVD dealer before buying Heroes. And as an answer he held up the movie cover - displaying a picture of Sunny Deol - and replied, What do you think? So I was quite expecting the worst when I took it home for a viewing.
After Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle is another book by Candace Bushnell that has been made into a TV show. And like SATC, it explores the lives of fashionable and successful women in the city of New York.