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After Sex and the City, Lipstick Jungle is another book by Candace Bushnell that has been made into a TV show. And like SATC, it explores the lives of fashionable and successful women in the city of New York.
News of a sequel to Madagascar had fans of the film waiting excitedly. After all, the 2005 release was highly exhilarating and spawned quite a fan following.
Known for her head shaving, partying and tabloid-worthy antics, Britney Spears has come out of the woodwork to make a musical comeback. And with her sixth album, Circus, she has shed all her tabloid tags to emerge again as a leading pop icon.
EMI couldn't have been released at a better time, since the global recession has hit all and sundry. But it couldn't have been a shoddier movie and even though the topic could have made an impact, the viewer loses interest within the first twenty minutes. The hype circulating around EMI made one want to pick up the DVD and watch it the day it was released.
Quantum of Solace is not just another Bond film. It really is a sequel to Casino Royale - which introduced Daniel Craig's raw, untested James Bond to the world.
Attacks on Mumbai likely to affect prospects of expanding Pakistan-India trade.
It is an art which demands full devotion from its artist. It is the talent with which only a few of us are blessed. The rest of us may acquire success in carrying it out, but for perfection we need to undergo harsh experiences. We need to get immune to insults in order to get to our ultimate goal -- freedom from boredom.
With the passage of time, Abeer's friendship with Jason grew stronger. Jason helped her out a lot with her reports and after graduating, with getting the right job.
Whither child rights? Sometime back, all of Us were horrified when we read about a six-year-old girl abandoned at a garbage dump by her parents. She was emaciated and sick.
Rescue Your Time. With So many distractions plaguing the internet these days, this application actually cares about how you spend your time.