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Masroor manages the SourceONE, marketing and content manager in a global marketing field. If you would like to know more about email marketing or if you are looking for service providers in this domain, please contact us. I can give you a list and comparison of some good companies providing affordable online marketing solutions.

Fashion The Movie. Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Mughda Godse, Arjan Bajwa and Arbaaz Khan with special appearances by Karan Johar, Konkona Sen Sharma and Madhur Bhandarkar
How Important Is The IMF Assistance? IMF has committed $7.6 bn assistance to be disbursed over 23 months. The country immediately needs more than this amount to replete its forex reserves to ensure stability in the rupee exchange rate
The Sequel To The Net, The Potential of the internet continues to grow, allowing mankind to stretch the limits of technology, innovation and just plain living.
The Touch Of Chrome. When a company like Google releases a free service, it is always worth taking a look. Their free versions of common desktop publishing (DTP) applications released previously, such as Google Docs, are enough to satisfy the needs of any average user.
Social Network Sites (SNS). Compiled for the differences among users and non-users of social network sites.
Too Young To Be Married. The legal age for marriage, according to Pakistani law, is18 for males and 16 for females. Any marriage contracted between two people below these ages is illegal. However, our subcontinent is still plagued with incidents of underage marriages under the tutelage of all kinds of reasons - ranging from religious to social...
The Art Of Imagination. Recently, Mehtab Ali exhibited his collection of paintings in Karachi. The striking part is that a large number of his paintings are based on women, each background pointing to a different meaning. You! takes a look...
Six Degrees Of Interconnection. The glut of social networking sites can make it impossible to decide where to spend your time and energy. Nonetheless, it has paved the way for a new digital subculture.
IMF Back In Business, Some of the countries facing a financial crunch including Pakistan preferred to generate capital from the international financial market. Instruments like GDRs, privatization proceeds and other methods were used; this was because there was enough liquidity in the international financial market to meet the requirements
Usefull Tips of Google Search. Google Search Tips and Tricks including extra options.