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Being a single mother is not easy. Everyone realises this however few come up and help. Apologies if this sounds a little self-proclaiming but I have decided to take a plunge and help out with whatever little I can do.

With the rising cost of living, most of the single mothers lead a life of misery. With the cost of living becoming overly expensive, it can be quite a challenge for a single mom to afford everything, especially when she is doing everything on her own.
The number of single mothers in United States continues to rise. Studies reveal that the number of single parents families in United states has increased to more than 12 millions, out of which 85.2% are women-headed families. Life of a single mother comes with good deal of courage where there is no other partner to share the responsibility of bringing up the family. A single mother has a life that goes through litany of problems trying hard to make both ends meet to secure a stable life for family.
Every assistance program has its own qualification criteria. Most of these measures of help aim to benefit the single moms who have very low income not enough sustain a healthy family. A single mom is required to submit proof for low-income to avail these grants and measures of help.