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My Mission is to help you meet your mission.

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11 years of non-profit management experience
I provide collaborative team oriented consultation to help your business do business.

I teach and help you apply the SCOPE principles in your workplace
Self motivation-intrinsically motivated employees work harder
Creative- be creative and put a new twist on old ideas
Organized- being organized helps ideas flow
Professionalism- apply to work and personal dealings
Eager- be eager to learn from everyone

Communication in business is essential. Am I right? Yes, but with so many ways of communication and generations in the workforce today it is critical to understand others' preferences. Knowing the subtle nuances of how others communicate can help you understand how to deal with those you communicate and deal with in business. Understanding the differences can help you get ahead.
An environment of creative thinking helps businesses run productively and produce successful results. Encouraging your workers to think creatively not only encourages workers to have a little fun but also makes them feel as though they have some ownership in helping your business succeed. This is the second of the SCOPE Principles that helps management produce winning teams in their businesses by using ideas that are proven to help elevate your workers and in turn elevate your company.
In the world of business one thing is constant, change. The workplace has trended toward frequent change in positions and companies. It becomes harder and harder to retain the top employees. Using the SCOPE Principles of Leadership management can retain and motivate the most talented workers to help improve their bottom line. Read about the first SCOPE Principle- How to make your workers work harder for you by learning how to invoke their Self Motivation mindset.
In our busy lives today we barely have time to breathe much less have home cooked healthy meals. Many times we find ourselves faced with the drive thru and wondering what to get that will not wreak havoc on our sensible eating plan. These are a few meals that can satisfy you and keep your diet in check also so you can get on with your life. The calorie count is around 420 on each of these picks. These are suggestions to aid you in making smart food choices when you are out.