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Paul Kemp is an entrepreneur, writer, and amateur athlete.  Motivated since an early age to find the secrets of natural health, his latest venture exposes the flaws in our modern diet and health care system, while exploring a vision of a better future.  See what he has discovered at www.HealthyPlanetDiet.com

Blogging -- Everybody is doing it, it seems, from big companies to tiny ones. I found out the reason for this recently when I added a blog to my Web site and my daily traffic doubled. With a technique to attract more potential business available to us, it only makes sense to learn the best ways to use it.
Are there any others out there who don't like coffee, but crave some kind of legal pick-me-up? Here is my story of the search for a better, healthy alternative to coffee -- and what I found.
Many people are taking a new look at Network Marketing as a possible source for income in what has been called a "jobless recovery." Due to the unusual reluctance of consumers to spend, a few extra considerations should be added in choosing the right business opportunity that will succeed under these conditions.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture subsidizes the production of corn, so we have too much of it. This drives the price down and leads food processors to put corn-derived sweeteners in every conceivable food product. Sweet foods stimulate our appetite and lead us to eat more. This destroys our body's ability to use insulin to process all this sugar, so we end up diabetic. How can we stop this?
There's a natural way to lose weight, often used by Hollywood stars. It is healthy and natural and will give those who use it an almost unfair advantage in weight loss contests.
How do so many celebrities maintain their weight and good looks for so many years? Some don't seem to age much at all; others very gracefully change more like good wine, getting better. What is their secret?
It is easy to become confused about why so many of us are gaining so much weight. Every day a new scientific report appears in the news, pointing to a new suspected cause for this weight gain.
Many people try repeatedly to lose weight, but three key factors are seldom used at the same time. Bringing these three factors into play is critical for weight loss success.
Most people who seek out "fast weight loss methods" choose the ones that will only work for the short term. Over the long run, they will need to repeat the diet process over and over again -- and gain more weight each time because they are missing one crucial fact.
This is a humorous look at the key reason why U.S. health care is so expensive -- and what can be done about it.