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It is likely that investors, especially beginners, have trouble understanding how the “market” works. What starts as trouble picking the right investment avenue ends at trouble understanding the technicalities of the multiple transactions one needs to make. The cycle is unending. Let us begin with the basics of one avenue - equity investment.
You don’t want your hard earned money going down the drain, nor do you want to keep the money you have stagnant and lying around uselessly. But you don’t have the time to actually do something with it.
You’ve finally decided to take your money and do something with it. You know that savings accounts and fixed deposits don’t let your money grow as much as it can. So you decide to invest in equity capital markets instead.
Equities aren’t always considered a good idea, probably because of the fluctuations that they face. But they aren’t a bad idea just because of their link with the stock market. But the fluctuations with the market can be guarded against.
Wealth in any form cash, shares or bonds is achieved with a lot of hard work put in. When people spend so much of their time and energy in trying to fill their wealth pots with little droplets they surely wish to see them grow over a period of time. Having x amount of money at present and the same after 10 years would make no sense.
Investment management today has become a crucial aspect of every person’s financial decisions. Be it savings or SIPs or investing in gold, there is something to fit every individual’s capacity.