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How SSL Certificates Really Secure Your Server? Secure Server Certificates help you to secure your data and transcations being done online. The entire encrypted data is transferred from the user’s server to the web server in a secure mode through an SSL certificate which are being used by certification authority.
SSL Certificate Installation Procedure for Installing Comodo SSL Certificates, including EV SSL, Wildcard SSL, etc. Step by Step Procedure for Installing SSL certificate on IIS, APACHE, Linux and itger web server.
SSL Certificates for Small Business. Why Do small business need SSL certificates? Secure Your Small Business Ecommerce Website and Improve Visitor Trust with SSL Certificate.
Why SSL certificate is required? Use SSL certificates for successful online business. SSL certificates is used to provide website security. Why to Use SSL, Learn more!
What is SSL Certificate and How does SSL certificate works? Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), are cryptographic protocols that provide security for communications over networks such as the Internet. An SSL certificate is used for the server authentication, data encryption, and message integrity checks. SSL certificates (certs) are used to confirm the identity of a website or server, encrypt data during transmission, and ensure the integrity of transmitted data.