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Mr. Mills' practice primarily involves the representation of clients in real estate, financial, and commercial transactions with particular emphasis on environmental matters. His practice includes transactional matters, as well as civil litigation in both administrative actions and state and federal court. Mr. Mills is the author of numerous articles in professional and trade publications and makes regular presentations to trade groups. Education: B.A., Michigan State University, 1983; J.D. University of Georgia, 1986.

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* Atlanta Bar Association
* Gwinnett Bar Association
* State Bar of Georgia
* State Bar of Texas
* Supreme Court of Georgia
* Georgia Court of Appeals
* United States District Court for Northern District of Georgia
* United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit

Industries Served:
* Financial Services
* Construction
* Real Estate Development
* Environmental
* Petroleum Distributors

Legal disputes often arise concerning ownership of underground storage tanks, which have been installed or affixed to real property. Resolution of such underground storage tank issues often depend upon whether the underground storage tanks attached to the realty are chattel and treated as personal property or whether the underground storage tanks are deemed fixtures and thereby treated as part of the real estate.
One of the biggest concerns that companies face is the collection of outstanding accounts. A few of the options available to collect such accounts include having a law firm pursue an outstanding account orbalance or turning the account over to a collection agency.
In a recent article prepared by the Probate Court of Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, the probate court stated that, "The wisest money a person may spend for an attorney is for the preparation of a will and related estate planning documents."
Recently, the Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia in the case of Tri-County Investment Group, Ltd. v. Southern States, Inc., case number A97A2178 (3-16-98) addressed and summarized the law in the State of Georgia pertaining to the statute of limitations concerning cases involving "continuing torts".
A material component of the wholesale marketing of petroleum products is the advancement of credit to customers. In conjunction with the advancement of credit, it is appropriate to secure the credit advanced to the greatest extent possible. Methods available for securing credit advances include, but are not limited to obtaining: security deeds, UCC Financing Statements and security agreements, personal guarantees, assignments of leases, and assignments of rents or other contracts.
An easement is a right of use over property of another. A characteristic of an easement is that there exists a burdened property and a benefited property.
Issues often arise concerning the appropriate measure of damages in situations where retailers have breached the supply agreement with the supplier. Under Georgia law, damages recoverable for a breach of contract are such as arise naturally and according to the usual course of things from such breach and such as the parties contemplated, when the contract was made, as the probable result of its breach.
Most mid level marketers of petroleum products have had property taken through condemnation or eminent domain proceedings. Generally, this occurs when the Georgia Department of Transportation, a county or municipality needs property to improve an existing transportation system.