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(Network+, MCSE, Server+, CTT+) has garnered other certification milestones such as IBM PSE and Microsoft MCT/ MCSE. This is the result of almost 40 years of "fussing with electronics." When not writing or teaching CompTIA, he is doing research. For some reason, day traders follow his entries here at TRCB.

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A rational look at the market swings. Let's begin with I am no CFA, or stockbroker. My interests are 100% as a geek (Technical, Enginering). So if you looking for a expert, go see someone who got the world in this mess.
Patent Pending Tech from a Moscow firm renders the latest popular encryption techniques, Has Been
New from Google Labs. A feature to make it difficult to hit the send button, if your brain is momentarly impared.
I am delighted to report that as far as I can see, the total cost of your using the Internet to drop in on Stanford Engineering courses is your time.
A summary of the G1 Google Phone folks thought, from different needs.
The age old battle between Canon and Nikon blurs the line between HD video and Digital SLR (DSLR).
US Department Of Homeland Security has suggestions for travelers this season. Hints for both domestic and Intnernational travel.
The Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) after a great deal of research has selected a new MPEG. As I create this entry, the working name is "MPEG Unified Speech and Audio Codec". The purpose of the new codec is to give us better quality audio and video while needing less space for storage and transmission. The only bad news I see is,
Fall 2008 update to the FTC Do Not Call Database. Did you know that effective September 2008 a key piece of telemarketing sales rule amendments regarding pre-recorded calls has gone into effect as of, right now? According to FTC.gov, states that overall. Its role Holte prerecorded sales calls, and most of the seller obtains consumers permission.
It is okay to install Google's Chrome now. They changed the TOS.