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(Network+, MCSE, Server+, CTT+) has garnered other certification milestones such as IBM PSE and Microsoft MCT/ MCSE. This is the result of almost 40 years of "fussing with electronics." When not writing or teaching CompTIA, he is doing research. For some reason, day traders follow his entries here at TRCB.

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Collective Intelligence and Web Version 2.0 used to be known as behavioral targeted marketing. No more.
Is Cuil the next Google? A hard look at Cuil.
A look at the YouTube and book from Randy Pausch. What is the same, what is different.
One of the surprise complications of flying is what to do with batteries. Generally speaking, you can only take batteries in your carry-on luggage if they are in the original packaging. If you are thinking 'green', which translates to saving money, are you out of luck? Thankfully no. It turns out private pilots really don't want batteries bouncing around a small plane. The trick is to find a personal battery caddy. A personal battery caddy is different from any garden variety battery caddy.
Before you accuse me of writing a bizarre headline, such as "Man Bites Dog" I assure you everything you are about to read is 100% accurate. While this might read like a mini story in the Dilbert comic strip.
Putting some serious traction into the real-world use of Zigbee became a reality when TI zigbee chip called the CC2591. Real-world testing has shown a range for this low power peer to peer self regulating mesh network hitting 2+ KM (1.5 miles) per node. If you are unaware of Zigbee.
The 10 year old US Federal law knows as the Digital Millenium Copyright Act may finally be getting a dose of sanity, through case law. A federal judge is taking on the copyright conflict between Universal music and Stephanie Lenz. At issue is a letter from Universal, telling Ms. Lenz to take down a video off of Youtube.
The EETimes today has run a story that OLEDs creating a white light brighter than light bulbs and almost as bright as fluorescents. An important feature of the OLED is they do not need a back light to function. This can make for displays that a much thinner, and use less power.
Requirements for being displaced as a traveler are different in the United States than in Europe. However, even for those of you on the other side of the pond may be interested in this Motel to go. It may come as a surprise to the US-based Road warrior.
It is the rare person who doesn't know Stanley Kubrick's Story: 2001 a Space Odyssey. For most people, the main character is HAL, a computer with such amazing artificial intelligence (AI). It becomes a deceitful murderer