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One of the original wranglers and now the Chief Cowboy of The James R Whelan Agency. When he's not selling advertising, which ain't often, you might find him flying his plane, or riding his bicycle somewhere in Florida.

Maybe you've read the story about the Arizona woman who thought she had a brain tumor; but when doctors went in they found a parasitic worm chowing on her brain.
I'm back on the proposed bailout of the auto companies today, because I don't think we should be giving these dunderheads any dough.
A year ago she was on the endangered species list, and many assumed she drifted off the continental shelf, which may have caused that tsunami on the west coast of South America.
Well, I predicted that it wouldn't take long before the President elect started taking fire, and that the bullets wouldn't come from Republicans. In the past few days the embers have started to grow into fires, and the far left bloggers are having a hissy fit.
Earlier today someone sent me a little news item where Alec Baldwin said that kissing Jennifer Aniston was painful. He was joking of course, because if he isn't, I'm willing to fly to wherever "30 Rock" is being filmed and stand in for him.
Over the weekend I spent some time at a family gathering where almost everyone voted for Obama. I can understand the vote, but I can't understand the religious zealotry and hypocritical blame game. Whatever subject that was brought up, it was George W. Bush's fault. And whatever the problem, Barack Obama was going to fix it.
As I predicted, the hogs are all lining up at the trough, and at this point it doesn't look like there's going to be enough feed for everyone.
A few moons back, like around the time I was born and before, fathers taught sons how to defend themselves. This usually involved some rudimentary boxing lessons, or fast strike "finishers", as my old man used to refer to them.
I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine over the weekend. I was in Beverly Hills, staying for the week at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is a pretty swank joint for a cowboy like me. I was out in La La Land for the L.A Film Festival, or whatever they call it, and I was working on fnding some new clients.
On the front page of today's Washington Post was a story that should interest all fair minded folks.