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When can the careless provision of misinformation give rise to liability? Surprisingly, the issue has not been addressed very often outside of commercial contexts.
Underinsurance is an optional insurance policy, which you can purchase when you get liability insurance for your car.
If your injury is such that the pain and suffering and medical expenses exceeds $50,000, you need to start a lawsuit against the driver and the owner of the vehicle that caused your accident to recover the additional amount.
Medical malpractice is defined in the law as a departure from accepted medical practice. That is, a doctor did (or did not do) that which a reasonable doctor would have done under similar circumstances. A mere error in judgment is not medical malpractice. These cases usually require a medical expert along with medical malpractice lawyers, in the same field of specialty as the doctor being sued, to testify in Court that a doctor's treatment fell below the accepted standards of practice.