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Dot Com Infoway is a multi-national information technology company based in India, with offices in Netherlands and the United States. An ISO 9001:2000 certified multi-disciplined IT company, DCI is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Sun Associate Partner and a proud member of the prestigious NASSCOM and STPI. For more than a decade, Dot Com Infoway has been offering a full suite of information technology services to numerous small, mid-sized and enterprise class clients in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa and far-east countries. DCI's spectrum of services includes Custom Software Development, iPhone Gaming Apps , Mobile Application Marketing, Web Design and Development, Internet Marketing , iPhone App Development , Content Management Systems Development, e-Commerce solutions development and other complex software development projects that serve the needs of B2B and B2C clients.



BlackBerry phones be apparent being a 1st selection of financial people, who wish their mobile phone to work being a gadget, that may enable them to not only in investing in telecommunication, but additionally inside of browsing, email, media etc.,
Steve Demeter, founder and CEO of Demiforce earned $2,50,000 by an application called Trism, in its first two months of availability.
BlackBerry cell phones stand out like a very first preference of business people, who desire their particular cell phone to function as a gadget, that could help them not only in installing telecommunication, but also within browsing, emailing, media etc., The customer's attraction for BlackBerry is actually gaining momentum these days and also it is considered to be the smart phone for smartpeople.
Google is giving a tough time to Apple, through its Android OS and apps. But can Android apps beat the market of iPhone apps? This is the talk of the techie's town now.
Blackberry mobile phones stand out as a first choice of business people, who want their mobile phone to serve as a gadget, which could help them not only in telecommunication, but also in browsing, emailing, multimedia etc.
There are more than 3,00,000 apps are available in App Store and thousands of new apps are getting released daily.
There are several steps involved in creating a successful app. To develop an app you should know objective C and have creativity to design. The knowledge about marketing is also the must for an iPhone developer.
Android is known to be and is famous for being one of the next biggest platforms that will be able to steal the spotlight away from the iPhone. This, however, does not seem to be true given the current situation for Android. The biggest problem is that the platform is currently facing a big number of versions of software on different phones.
The creation of the iPhone has revolutionized the way mobile phones operate. The iPhone was first released in January 9, 2007 and it has evolved a lot since then. The very first iPhone was already very advanced for its time, completely changing the way manufacturers design smartphones.
Web applications are a staple in today's World Wide Web, and they are an emerging technology in web development. They are popular due to the widespread use of web browsers, and the convenience of having a web browser as a platform of running applications that can access a remote service or another computer system.