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Will Nelson is an author, public speaker, personal trainer, massage therapist, and life coach. As a Life Performance Specialist, he has created an on-line 7-day and membership program see it at http://www.VitalogyLiving.com and developed three courses, the VitalBody, VitalFood and the VitalMind. His company teaches personal empowerment through lifestyle management. For more information go to http://www.enjoyabetterworld.com.

Ron Morefield has been interested in alternative health since 1988 and has been a certified acupuncturist. He believes in simple, practical solutions for health matters. 7 Free EASY DIET and EASY FITNESS Videos and 4 PDF Reports from www.VitalogyLiving.com and find out more about The Law of Attraction at http://www.EnjoyABetterWorld.com.

The ancient Greeks were instrumental in developing medicine as an organized and ethical practice. A famous doctor of that time, and of all time, was Hippocrates, who lived from 460 B.C. to 377 B.C.
Hospitals epitomize today's state of medicine; individual excellence and systematic incompetence. Hospitals utilize heroic measures to routinely save life and limb, and then end up putting both at risk. Here is a high tech institution urgently in need of demystification.
Thinking about getting back into shape? Well, if you’re ready to throw out all the exercise and diet myths that keep us fat and out of shape… If you’re really serious about losing weight and getting fit…
It's all about the food that finds its way into your house, and then how it's cooked and eaten. All of this provides the foundation for a healthy diet.
Just as doctors have conflicts over being in service to people versus making a living; as consumers, we have our own unique conundrum. The question becomes how much knowledge do we possess, or should we possess, regarding our body. We talk about teaching the three R's, reading, writing, and arithmetic.
It's pretty much common knowledge that our current health care expenditures are rising dangerously high. For most of us, our last doctor bill is proof of that experience. As health care costs increase, a greater portion of our individual and collective resources gets spent. The total cost of our nation's health care is now over 16% of the gross national product.
The best exercise is the one that you do. As children, most of us were full of energy and very active. We spent time exploring our bodies and learned what they could do and how to use them. We possibly became involved in sports or other physical activity in high school and college.
Throughout history, civilizations such as the ancient Romans have had to face the problem of food toxicity. Royalty who ate rich foods in great quantity developed certain diseases that the peasants, eating a simple diet, did not.
In looking at the world around us, it’s readily apparent that we are virtually rethinking everything about ourselves: the way we live, what to do going forward as a society, etc.
The more we understand what technology is teaching us about the body, the more it becomes apparent that food is a drug, because all the evidence points in that direction.