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Nelson Tan and his website, Internet Mastery Center, has been providing Internet Marketing expertise since December 2003. Its mission is to ensure every aspiring marketer is well equipped with all the necessary Internet Marketing know-how and programs, including the best tips, techniques and resources in the areas of mindset, communication and business principles to help you excel in your Internet Marketing game, plus more relevant and useful downloads if that's what you are looking for.

Running your own free newsletter or e-zine can bring massive benefits to your website and profits.
Knowing the outstanding differences between your competitors' businesses and yours can help you determine how to compel clients to switch to you or choose you over your competitors.
If you seriously want to be outstanding and beat the competition, here are 3 secrets to initiating a paradigm shift in yourself.
This article talks about 3 major issues: embracing the need for change, considering the impact of habits and laying the foundation of principles. He who can work within the ebb and flow of these 3 issues will be enriched with professional experiences.
For those who are not familiar with them, here is an introduction to what autoresponders are and how to use them.
If you frequently found yourself easily distracted from your tasks, you can learn this technique which is inspired by Kobe Bryant, a kind of 'sociopathic' concentration and attitude to get you into focus in the midst of distractions.
Take advantage of expired domain names to boost your site traffic today!
It takes a lifetime to carry persist in this secret but it's worth it.
The reason dreams are never fulfilled has to do with how past experiences (or the lack of it) fail to optimally connect with present reality.
If you have a product that you want to sell, whether it's an e-book, audio or video, it's usually a very wise idea to create an affiliate program around it. If you have an affiliate program for your product, you will get a ton of traffic that you would not normally have received.