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Abu Dhabi is about to meet the level of Dubai when it comes to fascination, luxury and business opportunities. A lot of development is going on there as far as residential properties are concerned. Being near to the city of Dubai, people who have business connections from city to city see a great charm there in Abu Dhabi.
Dubai is the leading player among all other UAE property sectors such as accommodation in Abu Dhabi and the like. As the first Emirate offering the prospect of getting apartments on rent or purchase for the immigrants now, it is the time for capitalizing on fresh source of overseas investments.
The UAE is one place that retains its strong appetite for cars despite the shakeup that the world recession and the local credit crunch that followed the Dubai World debt crisis has caused in the Middle East region.
Dubai’s car market is now on the right track, if judged by the results of the Dubai Auto Show that concluded here recently. A number of manufacturers chose to unveil their models at the show which was well attended, and got a lot of attention from both wealthy buyers and car enthusiasts.
It’s early 2010, and you are looking for a jobs in Dubai, one of the most cosmopolitan cities of the world. Dubai always has some opportunities for the aspiring job seeker, whether he or she is experienced or a newbie. But we must also consider the fact that Dubai is a magnet for many job seekers who leave their home countries in search of something better.
The city of Dubai is easily the most well known of the emirates for its cosmopolitan appeal and international lifestyle.
Here’s some good news for those looking for a job in the Gulf. The UAE seems to be slowly recovering from an economic crisis, and continues to remain a popular destination for expatriate workers all over the world.
They say that the economy is buoyed by spending- which can be either private or public i.e. by consumers or the Government. As the USA and Europe realized that they were in the grip of a recession
The fact that Dubai and to some extent all of the Gulf States have been affected by the financial crisis is beyond doubt now. What is being considered is how deeply has the economy of Dubai been affected and how long it will be before the emirate is back on its feet again.
Here you are, one of the newest entrants to the bustling emirate of Dubai, a skyscraper city in what was once a desert land. As you move through the airport you are taken in by its subdued splendor.