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I am so excited about writing articles for TRCB.com. I have written for a local newspaper as a freelancer, a column in high school, and a site called Helium.com. I also have received a Bachelors of Journalism Degree from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

My interests are helping others with many subjects such as mortgages, music, inspirational, biographies, and much more.

I have volunteered as with Rushmore Optimist Club since October 2003 and I am currently their President for a second term until September 30, 2009, and I am alson on the Black Hills Symphony Orchestra Board. I have enjoyed singing with groups such as my church and with Bravo! Vancouver where we had a great orchestra that played behind us, and had such great vocal talents from the area (near Portland, Oregon).

My daughters have been involved with activities such as chess, orchestra, band, soccer, softball, and much more.

In my spare time I enjoy writing, reading, traveling, and taking in the atmosphere of the great Black Hills.

I also enjoy spending time with my husband, my girls, and my extended families that reach across the states.

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