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Being a Social Media Enthusiast and a Corporate Blogger. I Consult, Speak and Write about the value of using Social Media to build communities and to make a positive contribution to the society.

Please visit my blog [NY Mafia]to know more about me.

Currently I am working as Consultant in a public sector University [UoG] for the following departments/assignments:
-Social Media and Computational Marketing
-Software Development Center & Automation
-Human Resource and Development
-Career Counseling
-Training and Developments
-Business Development
-Printing Press and Media

Prior to this I had worked with UNICEF, NICON Group, CASE, IQRA University, Pak-AIMS, and Sloan Executive Development Center.



How to get more traffic is a million dollars question for bloggers and webmasters. Here is a list showing some of the steps you can take. Also tell us if you have experienced useful. I recommend that it would easy to try one step a day.
Instead of leaving our comments on other blog-post, what if we publish our comments on our own blog (as a new post) and give a link-back to that blog we want to comment on?
Given my interests and quest to live fearlessly, I was lead to Fear.Less - a network of people who trying to live fearlessly and inspiring each other to take action against their fear. That is where I learned about 'Ishita Gupta' and followed her to through to her blog, Truth Ain’t Easy .
In past few years, variety of communication tools such as mobile phone, PDA’s (Person Digital Assistants), digital audio players-iPOD, iPhones, have been evolved as commodity items in general public lives.
Blogging is continuously growing and raising in every culture, race, discipline and society. Politicians, celebrities, brands, individuals, students, schools, universities, Government, NGOs everyone seem to have a blog now.
My vision of school/classroom 2.0 is, more than anything else, about conversations. Traditional schools involved teachers and textbooks delivering information to students, and students reflecting that information back.
That a new information technology could be improvised for this purpose so swiftly is a sign of the times. It reveals in Iran what the Obama campaign revealed in the United States. You cannot stop people any longer. You cannot control them any longer. They can bypass your established media; they can broadcast to one another; they can organize as never before.
This consumer-generated media or user-generated media is now playing a pivotal role for companies to quickly learn about the feedback of their consumers in response to their products and services.
I’m not forcing to invite my audience here. I’m trying to keep it focused on my interests. I feel that I don’t have to worry about boring 90 percent of the audience—because [the audience for my blog] self-selected themselves as wanting to read this, I can be much more authentic and much more liberated to talk about what I really want to talk about, rather than trying to anticipate the needs of a scattered, diverse audience like a magazine has.
Let me share with you some interesting and timeless insight with you regarding blogging for business here today. For business blogging, as per my opinion the long-term strategy is pretty critical. My thinking behind the long-term strategy is woe to the business that hires outside bloggers and then abandons the project.