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In an earlier article we measured Gross Domestic Product (GDP) using two methods (approaches)—expenditure method and income method.
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) means the value of all final goods and services that a nation produces during a given period—usually a year. GDP is the most common measure of growth or lack of it of an economy. This article looks at the different terms used in the process and methods of measuring it. It is a continuation of the Circular Flow Models of an economy discussed earlier in two separate articles.
The most comprehensive circular flow model includes the foreign sector. In an earlier article the discussion included the simple or basic model and the one with “Three Sectors” and “Three Markets.” Adding the foreign sector highlights the role of trade with the Rest of the World (ROW). In those models we assumed U.S. to be a “closed” economy. Now we open our borders for imports and exports and other international transactions.
The circular flow model is a fundamental representation of macroeconomic activity among the major players in the economy--consumers, producers, government, and the rest of the world. Different versions of the model sequentially combined the four sectors--household, business, government, and foreign--and the three markets--product, resource, and financial--into increasingly more comprehensive representations of the economy. This article does not include the foreign sector.
Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is called traditional IRA while the Roth IRA is named after Senator William Roth of Delaware who dies in 2003.
Life insurance, as they say, is not for you but is for the benefits of those whom you leave behind after you die. It is to protect the family and dependents in the event of the policy holder’s untimely, accidental or inevitable death. As a component of planning for the future, life insurance reflects how much a person cares for his/her loved ones. There are many options with coverage, depending on one’s situation. The main categories of life insurance are described below:
With foreclosures becoming common and unemployment rate rising to 5.7 percent and 1.6 million workers out of job, bad credit ratings for millions of Americans may also visit upon them. So even when economy recovers and unemployment rate falls, it will be hard for many to obtain a home mortgage. Even if they are approved for a home mortgage they will face increased closing costs and higher interest rates. Many will be unable to obtain or afford a home mortgage.
A call center is a centralized office system that can receive and transmit a large volume of calls over the telephone. It is set up for a variety of functions including incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers and for outgoing calls for telemarketing, clientele, and debt collection. Collective handling of letters, faxes, and e-mails at one location is known as a contact centre. Their functions can be merged into one center.
Today, a wide range of educational opportunities are being offered entirely or partially online. You can enroll in a single online course or register for a complete degree from the convenience of your home 24/7. The degree offered range from associate's degrees, bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and even a Ph.D.
Who would have imagined that Musharraf would ever let his sworn enemies return to Pakistan and they would be embraced by Pakistani populace as their saviors. Well when a nation and its rulers become puppets of foreign beneficiaries, may those be a king or a superpower, you have no choice.