How to find piano movers

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Moving a piano is a very stressful job. Finding a piano mover is another difficult job. But if you follow certain steps to choose a good piano mover you will definitely get one.

Step 1:

You can find a piano moving company easily by talking to your friends, relatives, neighbors and business associates for personal recommendations. Realtors can also help you in finding a good piano company.

Step 2:

After making a list, call the company and find their full company name, their doing business as names, number of years they have been in business, what type of insurance coverage they offer, and their DOT (Department of Transportation) license number. To be on safer side it is important that you do business with moving companies that are licensed and insured.

Step 3:

Check with Better Business Bureau. Inquire about a mover's complaint records and find out how they resolved the problem. Reputable moves should not have a claim filed against them.

Step 4:

Then make a list of the moving companies that has good reputations and find at least three piano movers with real offices at a physical address. You should never do business with a moving company that does not have a real address because most of those are scammers. Now you should visit the mover's office without any appointment to check out their facilities.

Equipment and buildings should be clean and well-maintained. It is a good sign when employees are also neat and clean and even better when workers take out time to answer your questions. If your questions are not answered in a friendly manner, take your business elsewhere.

Step 5:

Once you have shortlisted the potential piano moving companies, you have to find out about their charges. Do remember that a trustworthy mover will never give estimates over the phone unless he sees the items to be moved. Some companies will charge on hourly rate, some charge by total volume or weight and still others charge based on the types of furniture and goods that need to be moved.

Step 6:

Once you have received the estimates, it is time to take your choice. After you have made your decision, you should get some sort of written agreement from the mover.

A piano mover transfers pianos from one location to another. Transferring piano from one place to another requires lot of skill to prevent damage to the instrument as well as injury to the movers. If you want your piano to be moved safely without any financial risk it is important that movers uses special equipment and moving techniques and has insurance coverage.

If you notice often people take help of friends and relatives while moving contents of their home. This can create damage to your piano. It is always safe to hire a professional. A trained piano mover knows how to carry the piano safely between floors, and in and out of transport vehicles. Nearly 2-5 professionals are required to carry the piano due to its weight.

Moving piano from home is just one part of the professionals work? Once it is out, piano mover has to make sure that your piano reaches safely in his moving transport to your desired location. After arrival, he has to see that it is placed correctly in the place it has to be put.

Piano moving is a very risky job as it can damage the instrument as well as injure the mover. So it is important that piano mover creates insurance to cover any mishaps.

Vimal is a Copywriter of Chicago mover. He has written many articles in various topics like Chicago movers, local moving service. For more information visit: local piano movers

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