101 Things You Didn’t Learn in Harvard Business School

101 Things You Didn’t Learn in Harvard Business School

By: Laura Bell
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'101' covers the basic Principles of Economics in terms that even the most mediocre of students will be able to grasp. It then extrapolates these basic values into the convoluted landscape the politicians and businessmen have gotten us into.

Economics always sounds confusing and even daunting to the point of terrifying if you listen to the newscasters. It doesn't have to be and nothing will make it clearer than the guidelines presented in this book.

Before you make another decision that deals with your life or business, read '101!' You will learn how to deal effectively with:

  • choosing a career
  • buying a home
  • using your credit cards
  • planning for retirement
  • training you kids in how to deal with money

All decisions have an effect today and years down the road. Most political mistakes are made because they don't grasp the long term effect. Reading this book will make you wiser in every facet of your life.

Join the fans of Laura's writing:

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  • Boy you sure get things right.

Laura Bell holds a journalism degree with a minor in economics from California State University, Northridge. She has been a published freelance journalist for 30 years and has over 400 bylines to her name. Her areas of expertise include: business, economics, real estate, personal finance and entrepreneurship.

Her work has appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, the San Francisco Examiner, the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Business Journal, the Orange County Business Journal, the Pasadena Star News and Small Business Opportunities. Laura has been a columnist five times.

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