Demons In The CrawlSpace

Demons In The CrawlSpace

By: Gino Brogdon (Author), First Editor: Carol Gaskin (Editor), Line Editor: Terri Mitchem (Editor), Maureen Mannin (Illustrator), Photography by John Disney (Illustrator)
Price: $19.95
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Demons is a soul stirring look into the mind of a killer and the heart of a victim. A fast-paced gritty look at the reality of violent crime and those who fight to stop it.
Host of Nancy Grace, CNN Headline News Prime --(Nancy Grace)

Gino Brogdon knows something that Grisham doesn't Gino knows the street. Grisham is at his best writing about Ivy Leaguers.... In contrast, Brogdon brings alive the flotsam and jetsam of society the homeless, the developmentally disabled, the prostitute, the pervert, and the substance abuser....He does this with a humor and with empathy.
Pedophilia / Sexual Abuse / Molestation Expert
Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Nevada, Reno --(William O'Donohue, Ph.D.)

Gino's story is a must read and an explosive beginning to this exciting homicide cop series. Demons is a riveting depiction of the frightening realities of abuse and murder of children. The characters and scenes are written to detailed perfection. Demons is destined for a movie or TV series.
Host of Judge Hatchett, Nationally Syndicated TV Series --(Judge Glenda Hatchett, Child Advocate)

Frank Salvato is a middle aged, divorced, homicide cop who is forced to join the world of tortured souls when his little boy is murdered. Battles with his own inner demons spiral into a limitless willingness to bend the law to get the bad guy. His emotional torment intensifies when he begins to investigate the disappearance of two little girls a case that may involve satanic ritual abuse. The abduction leads Frank on a chilling journey through the under belly of Walker City, where he encounters not only middle class parents with something to hide, but a broad swath of society s wounded. Salvato sifts through colorful witnesses and hurdles evidentiary and legal barriers to discover the likely culprits. Demons is a riveting thriller that also shines a light on the national problems of child molestation and family violence.

Advance Praise for Demons in the Crawlspace
There are more twists and turns in this novel than a mighty tornado. Do not attempt to predict the next chapter; you will fail.
Don Keenan, Founder and Director of the Keenan Kids
Best Selling Author of 365 Ways To Keep Kids Safe

Demons in the Crawlspace is a true fiction thriller of first order. Demons is an easy, fast-paced read filled with all the complexities of life as lived through the life of homicide cop Frank Salvato. This novel clearly has a place next to Patterson, Grisham and Mosley.
Keith Murphy, Child Advocate
Executive Director, Bethany House Ministries

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