InsideScoop Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

InsideScoop Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

By: Bruce Moran, Paula Brown and Patrick Corley with Mouse Geeks Team of Experts
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Why You Need InsideScoop Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Book... To start the "Disney Magic" early before you leave and to keep the Magic going after you return.

You have accomplished the first step in going to Walt Disney World® Orlando by obtaining this uniquely interactive "scrapbook of anticipations and keepsake album" on The Magic Kingdom.

The interactive concept of this book is for you and your kids to gather around a table with a computer nearby...assemble scissors, tape and glue...and have the time of your life planning and memorializing your Disney adventure. Our concept is for the kids to become involved in the excitement of going to Walt Disney World® long before they get to Orlando. With this interactive book, they will see now what to expect when they arrive at the park and already know how they want to spend their time.

The TRP team of "Disney Geeks" are here to help you decide how to spend your limited time. We've already narrowed the challenge for you by concentrating on only The Magic Kingdom, the most popular of the Disney resort parks, with its Main Street, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square and Mickey's Toontown Fair.

We will show you how to use this book-with its maps, descriptions, notations of appropriate age ranges, and tips-and various Web sites, too, as interactive tools to educate you and the kids about every aspect of every ride, attraction, and restaurant. You start with Chapter 0 "Overview of Magic Kingdom Theme Park" where we provide adult information about the Disney Theme Parks and the entertainment information at Chapter 1 with an "Introduction to Main Street U. S. A."

Then, we want everyone to make wise "I wanna" choices and enjoy collaborating to:

1. Create a "Scrapbook of Anticipations" now that becomes a take-along picture guide to what each person anticipates doing each day in The Magic Kingdom:
• Find related pictures in the book or visit Web sites listed in the Appendix.
• Decide what rides and entertainment they want to enjoy and when.
• Cut out/tape the pictures chosen of attractions and restaurants into the allotted space.
• If you keep this book in a reachable location for the kids, you will find them looking through the pictures they have placed in the book and changing their mind as to which attraction will be first on their list. This is part of the anticipation!

2. Make a "Keepsake Photo Album" later that captures all of your favorite memories and moments after you get home: • Replace the taped pictures with personal photos of family members' childhood glee (or horror) as they experienced various rides, entertainment, tours, or meals.
• Share the album with family and friends and keep it as a treasured family Magical Memory.

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Bruce Moran .grew up 50 miles north of Walt Disney World®. He visited Disney World two times the first year it was opened in 1971 and has been a Mouse Geek ever sense. Now a resident of Friendswood, Texas, Bruce takes his grand kids back to his favorite vacation spot as often as he can.

Paula Brown .recalls fondly sitting with her father as a child, reading the Winnie the Pooh stories together. That was the beginning of her love for Disney. She visited Disneyland with her family when she was nine; it was many years later that she finally made it to Walt Disney World® in Florida. Also a Star Wars fanatic, Paula's idea of a perfect day is riding Star Tours as many times as possible with her daughter. Paula is well known for her Science Fiction book "Dream Wanderers." ISBN # 978-1-59095-874-2.

Patrick Corley was born and raised in New Orleans. After he graduated from high school he moved to Florida and worked for Disney World for some time. He then moved back to his home town and married his beautiful wife.

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