How Should You Design Your Own Team Logo For Your Sports Squad?

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Running your own sports team is not an easy task. It requires proper administration, public relations and most importantly branding.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of a sports squad and the group's emblem is an important aspect of branding. It is the sign which will be an international recognition symbol for the group.

So how should you design your own team logo that the players can be proud of?

While designing the trademark keep only one thing in mind that the battle is half won even before the players step onto the field. Your team mark should portray authority, strength, sophistication and grace at the same time.

Keeping that in mind, let's have a look at the kind of images, fonts and colors we can use for the emblem:

1. What images should you use?
Use images that represent the group's features. Here you can use animal images to associate the animal's attributes with the group, you can use cartoon themes if you want to give the emblem a lighter tone or you can use illustrations of games equipment with a little innovation. There is a lot of margin for creativity as far as images for the design is concerned. The only thing to remember here is to use images that reflect the uniqueness of the players.

Are your players proud of their cleverness and strategic gaming techniques?
Then you can use a fox or a hawk for your brand mark.

Is your game related to water or sea?
Then use a shark or crocodile.

Is your squad fiercely patriotic to the country?
Then you can use the national flag symbols and colors in your mark.

2. What fonts should you use?
Use bold and straight fonts that are clearly readable. Straight and bold fonts in dark colors look authoritative and powerful. The aura that they depict is that the players are intimidating and capable. You can use the squad name at angled alignment to make your design creative. Some games groups have also used curvy and script fonts but that usually makes the designs look informal and light which would fail to impress your opponents.

3. What colors should you use?
If you want to make your own team logo, the aura that you want to portray should be of energy, strength, daring and dependability. The colors that are most popularly used in sports logos are red, black and dark blue. Red is most commonly used with games as it is the most eye catching color from the lot. This color is also associated with physical violence, aggression and determination which are three of the qualities that any good games group requires. Black represents authority and strength and dark blue represents justice and reliability making them three of the most prominent colors in sports logos.

Hence, use images, fonts and colors wisely in your trademark design if you want to win battles in your opponents' minds before the playing field.


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