Product versus brand

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A car is a product; BMW is a brand.

A watch is a product; Rolex is a brand.

A hotel is a product; Marriott is a brand.

A candidate is a product; you're a brand.

A car is a means of transportation; a BMW is a symbol of exclusivity.

A watch tells time; Rolex tells who you're.

A candidate seeks a job; you're seeking to add value.

A candidate is opportunistic; you're an opportunity.

A candidate is 9 to 5; you're timeless.

A candidate demands a sitting place; you're space-less.

A candidate demands more; you give more and hence get more.

A candidate is an expense; you're an investment.

A candidate is a liability; you're an asset.

A candidate highlights problems; you look for problems to solve.

A candidate sees stumbling blocks; you see stepping stones.

A candidate just sees; you envision.

A candidate only hears; you listen.

A candidate tells; you communicate.

Now the question is how
A car becomes BMW.
A watch becomes Rolex.
A hotel becomes Pearl-Continental.
A social worker becomes Abdus Sattar Eidhi.
A nun becomes Mother Teresa
A cricketer becomes Imran Khan.
A statesman becomes Quaid-e-Azam.
A preacher becomes Dr. Zakir Naik

This is possible by discovering, inventing and engineering.......  

So let us recital one more time: A Brand is a promise....... a promise of fulfilling the dream; a promise of making you exclusive; a promise of ensuring your prestige; a promise that you'll not be taken lightly; it's an answer to your unheard hushed up prayers; it's a solution to your problems. It's promise to add value to your life and at the parallel tract a definite promise of magnifying the possibilities of adding value into others life.

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